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For the cost of another helicopter flight you could… Fly A Jetpack!

What we do: In short, we teach people how to fly a Jetpack with customers flying solo at the controls within minutes making this one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences in existence!  

We Make Personal Flight Possible!

Equipment:  We are the first and exclusive operator of the $100,000 Jetlev R200 Water Powered Jetpack on the Big Island!  The Jet Pack is actually a small boat about the size of a wave runner that holds an ultra efficient and ultra low emissions unleaded fuel engine that pumps up to 1,000 gallons of water per minute and 68 psi through a specially designed hose to an aircraft grade aluminum frame and carbon fiber composite Jet Pack which forces the water downwards lifting the pilot upwards.  The Jetpack Pilot controls the engine through a “fly-by-wire” throttle system and steers the craft with the aluminum control arms and body weight shift.  The one of a kind high tech water hose is 30 feet long allowing a pilot to easily fly up to 30 feet above the surface of the water with light fingertip control inputs.
NOTE:  We always use two instructors for all pilot training.  One instructor in the water to help and assist and a second instructor out of the water with remote control of the throttle at all times so the student can concentrate on learning to fly using the arm controls only at first.

Safety is our Number One Concern!  Instructors, Buster and Kazuko Frysinger are FAA Certified Flight Instructors in both helicopters and airplanes and have a perfect safety record flying and teaching in Hawaii for more than 17 years.  They also spent three months in Florida learning how to fly, instruct, and operate a safe commercial Jetlev R200 Flight Center.

Jetpack Safety Features:

The Jetlev R200 meets or exceeds all Coast Guard safety standards and requirements.  The Jetpack itself has a positive buoyancy rating meaning that the student wearing a life vest and 5 point quick release safety harness equipped Jetpack will float comfortably at about chest height and will not sink.

The boat’s engine can be shut off Five Ways at any time by the student or the two instructors.
1.  Student pulls magnetic key strapped to wrist.
2.  Student pushes the engine start button on control arm.
3.  Instructor/Anyone hits the “engine stop button” on the back/top of the boat.
4.  Instructor/Anyone turns the boat’s “tow valve” to “tow”
5.  Instructor Stops the engine with the remote control.
*Stopping the engine simply stops water flow and the student safely lands in water where the student can easily restart and continue flight training when ready.

The Hose length is limited to 30 feet or just about as high as a fun jump off of a public pool high dive!  However, our first time students are never allowed to get this high on their first try and everyone is more than happy because flying solo at 5-10 feet high feels like 30+!  With additional training to a proficient level higher altitudes are easily attained.  Read further for additional training reduced rates.

Communications between instructors and student is critical and is achieved via wireless headset communications.  The out of water instructor uses a transceiver and boom mic to instruct through waterproof safety helmet/headset receivers which the student and in the water instructor both wear at all times.

Students shall wear at least protective water shoes, US Coast Guard life vest, communications safety helmet, half or full wetsuit, and magnetic engine stop key.  These are provided by Water Jetpack Academy.

The Activity… “Ultimate Flight Experience”

Introduction:  Upon arrival the flight student(s) receive about 15 minutes of ground school on the Jetlev R200 Jetpack unit, major components, how it works, safety features, fitting the Jetpack, Safety Briefing, and in the water operating procedures.

Now we have 15-30 minutes (depending on course selected) of actual flight training time for the student where you learn basic turns, climbs, descents, and hovering in and above the water in free flight!  If the student catches on fast there may be time for more advanced maneuvers like “walking on water”, “donuts”, “high flying”, and more!  98% of students catch on within 5-10 minutes and are flying like aces within another 5-10 because of the Jetlev R200’s natural stability and intuitive control systems.  We have yet to see a participant that was not amazed at how easy and fun Personal Flight can be!

Where do we operate?  We can serve customers from many locations around the Big Island.  Shore training, one at a time “Ultimate Flight Experiences” are conducted at the Kawaihae Harbor small boat ramp and training is conducted outside of the breakwater with an instructor on the breakwater and an instructor in a support kayak with the student in the water.  Half Day and Full Day Charters can be booked for larger groups to save hundreds of dollars.  We are also able to conduct training from boats and this requires a Half Day or Full Day Charter.  In the case of teaching from a boat we would launch the Jetpack from a boat ramp and meet up with the customers offshore for flight training.


NOTE: Call For Current Specials and Discounts!

  • Introductory Flight: 30 minutes Total, 15 minutes flight time, Just to wet your appetite!  Call for Pricing 808-217-5022
  • Full Flight Lesson:  45 minutes total, 30 minutes flight time plus advanced maneuvers practice. Go All the Way!  Call for Pricing. 808-217-5022
  • JETLEV Certified Pilot Course:  Get rated and rent from any Jetlev Flight Center!  Call for Pricing 808-217-5022
  • Full or Half Day Charters: Make your next get together one to remember! Call for Details and Pricing 808-217-5022

Kazuko and Buster Frysinger – Jetpack Instructors, Owners and Operators


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